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Graci Kim is a Korean-Kiwi author of magic-infused books, currently based in New Zealand.

Her Korean mythology-inspired debut MG novel, The Last Fallen Star, about Korean-American witches, sisterly love, and the search for belonging, will be published with Rick Riordan Presents, Disney-Hyperion, in Spring/Summer 2021.

In 2018, Graci was shortlisted for the NZ Storylines Tessa Duder Award for YA fiction. She is a 2019 Pitch Wars MG mentor; an alumnus of the AuthorMentorMatch programme; and is currently the Comms Officer for the NZ Society of Authors (Wellington branch).

She and her friends also run Love At First Chapter, a free newsletter that sends out the first chapter of a new YA/MG book, every month.

When she’s not writing, Graci is a diplomat for NZ’s foreign service. She is also a wife and mum, is really good at eating all the things, and believes most of our daily problems can be solved by hugging a dog (or ideally, many).

Graci is represented by Carrie Pestritto at Laura Dail Literary Agency.




Rick Riordan Presents, Disney-Hyperion

Coming Spring/Summer 2021

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 You think you’ve got me all figured out?

There’s no better way of getting to know someone than rummaging through their dirty laundry. I’d rather you left my poor laundry basket alone (please?), so I’ve devised a cunning quiz instead.

I dare you to get them all right. Then click the button below to find out just how wrong you were…

  1. When I was 16, I ran away with the circus because:

    • A: I wanted to become a trapeze artist

    • B: I was pursuing a love interest

    • C: A family friend ran the circus and let me come

  2. Which of these statements is false?

    • A: I used to run a business that turned children’s drawings into real life plush toys

    • B: I used to have bright pink hair and sang in an all-girls punk rock band

    • C: I used to host a cooking show that designed meals to fit the mood you’re in

    • D: I once recorded a demo CD of my songs and sold them in the school uniform shop

  3. Which of the following is a genuine fear of mine?

    • A: Trypophobia - the fear of closely-packed holes or bumps

    • B: Cryophobia - the fear of ice or cold

    • C: Pogonophobia - the fear of beards

    • D: Aichmophobia - the fear of needles or pointed objects

  4. Which of the following sensations do I appreciate the most?

    • A: The feeling of soft wool on my skin

    • B: The feeling of the first swim of summer

    • C: The feeling of freshly cut fingernails

  5. Which country is the one I haven’t lived in before?

    • A: France

    • B: Spain

    • C: Taiwan

    • D: China

TEDx talk: The hidden power behind our names

When I first started writing, I decided to go by a pen name: Graci Goldhart. There are valid reasons for why people use pen names, but my reason wasn’t one of them. I wanted to hide my Korean identity.

Since then, I have decided to embrace my label and use the name my appa (dad) gave me. But man, it was a journey to get here. You can read about it on my blog here, or watch my TEDx talk about it below.

In a world where identity and belonging are so often defined by our labels, diplomat and writer Graci Kim asks the question: what is in a name? By exploring her experiences of adopting a pen name, only to reject it for her Korean roots, Graci's emotional and thought-provoking talk from TEDxYouth@AvonRiver 2018 will make you think twice about how you let labels define who you are.

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