For writers: How to write a novel

how to write a novel snapshot.PNG

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to writing a novel. I guess that’s the magic of it, really. What used to work like a charm no longer works, and what used to be a waste of time suddenly becomes useful. Some people love to plot their entire novel out scene by scene (plotters), and others prefer to write by the seat of their pants (we call them pantsers), while others like to do a bit of both. There is no “right” way of writing a novel, and there is no shortage of books and resources out there to help hone your craft.

With that caveat, I’ve pulled together a short one-page resource of my own process that seems to help me (for now, anyway!) turn the seed of a story idea into a workable structure for a novel. I put this together for my own reference, combining my own self discoveries as well as lessons I’ve picked up from craft books, courses, and studying my favourite novels.

I believe knowledge is most powerful when shared, so I’ve put it up here for anyone who might be interested. I’m sure the process will change for me as I go along on my writing journey, so I will try to update this as often as possible.

And do let me know if you found this helpful, and whether you’d like to see more material like this in the future.